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About HH LUX


HH LUX has a passion for the use of granite and natural stones for creating an exquisite design and unique, handmade products for your home. With focus on lamps and lights. We love stone and enjoy telling the story that HH LUX creates every lamp with a unique design, as the lamp is made of stone, and two stones are never alike.


The design is Nordic inspired, and continuously new designs will be made in colors and shapes, in which the raw look will be maintained. Vi are focused on being Danish. We design and produce our products ourselves. The company is situated in Hobro and is owned by Helle Hollen and Visti Hollen.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Retailer of HH LUX


As a customer at HH LUX, you get a unique opportunity to sell our unique products, and we strive to provide you with the best possible service.We would like to assist in the sale and do some efforts for our retailer, where we browse. Ongoing goes to the press with our products and is active in the social media.

If you wish, we will provide sales material such as ad, banner and printed matter available - call and hear more about this.If you are interested in being a dealer, please contact us at