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About HH LUX


 HH LUX has a great passion in the use of natural stone to create unique and elegant.

design. The products are beautifully designed for the modern interior to Hotels, offices and homes.


We are inspired by the beautiful scenery and like to tell the gorgeous story of HH LUX gives each product a unique design because they are made of stone and there are no stones that are the same.

The design is Nordic inspired and new designs constantly being made in shape and colors in a unique but classic look.

If you have a project, whether it is a simple lamp or a larger number, we are always interested to hear from you.

Each lamp is handmade in our own workshop in Hobro, Himmerland, and each stone is carefully selected for each lamp. HH LUX is owned and operated by Helle Haslund Hollen and Visti Hollen.

We hope you find our lamps and candleholders exciting and get inspiration to draw nature into the home in a new and exciting way.

Unique Design Lamps in Stone


HH LUX believe in the classic and unique craftsmanship.
We have created a beautiful lamp design in stone, that allows us to draw nature into the home in a modern and new way. We keep the lamps in a classic, elegant and simple design.

Lamps and candleholders from HH LUX are timeless in many way and can be used in many different environment, with and without color.

Design lamps can also be made to order, to meet your specific needs and requirements. All it takes is an email or a phone call.


HH LUX look forward to hear from you



Phone +45 22 33 84 64